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Christopher Holcomb, Founder RevUp Detroit Turnkey Solutions


Founder, RevUp Detroit Turnkey Solutions

CHRISTOPHER HOLCOMB, founder of RevUp Detroit has over six years’ experience in the real estate sector. After graduating college with a degree in engineering, yet being unable to promptly find a viable job position, he began working in real estate. From his start bird-dogging to wholesale and retail flips, combined with his love for his city, “Chris” made the decision to build a business, and RevUp Detroit Turnkey Solutions was born.

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Since then, through RevUp Detroit, Chris has diligently worked in the trenches to build his network of real estate providers and professionals. This includes working successfully with investors and agents, who like himself are dedicated to matching people with the right properties for their needs in the city of Detroit. 

Thanks to his RevUp Detroit network, along with his engineering education, resources, and more notably, his passion for spreading awareness about deals, Chris is the expert to work with creating the strategy to meet and surpass your real estate needs and expectations.

The smartest way to accelerate your real estate portfolio.

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